Insights & Ramblings

Some of my thoughts and rambling about different things I’ve been reading and thinking about. Mostly articles giving different perspectives on LDS beliefs and reformational clarifications of traditional doctrines.
arch_pamp_logo Revelatory Texts

The majority of the world’s religions are founded upon a revelatory text, and Mormonism is no exception. Nor is it unique in its acceptance of only its own distinct revelation and those which are part of its underlying tradition. But I believe Mormonism has a greater theological basis for revelatory openness than most faiths.
Scriptural Science

Scriptural Science is a phrase coined to describe a new way to conduct modern scientific research (or perhaps a return to the true way in which scientific research has been conducted since the beginning). The basis is simply that science and religion are both man’s search for truth and knowledge and as such have the same aims. Although religion tends to embody man’s search for truth through revelation from higher realms through…
Zion Communities

In short, a Zion Community is a Utopian community or society. In the bible Zion is used to describe both Jerusalem and Israel in general, which John’s book of Revelation makes clear is a type for the heavenly city of God, or archtypical “heaven” where the righteous will dwell with God. Joseph Smith along with many other restorationalists believed that America was a “Zion”, or choice land reserved by God as a refuge and inheritance for the righteous of the world. In fact one…
Prophesy: Ancient & Modern

In light of all that is going on nationally and internationally I felt I should write a few articles to help others try and get a perspective on the possible future of our nation and world. Most of these articles rely heavily from the Book of Ben Kathryn, a purported modern revelation from a modern Jewish Prophet… I believe the revelation is remarkably convincing, and helpful in that having a general faith of what the future holds, we can make more informed decisions on how to best stay happy and thriving regardless of the socio-political or economic conditions…